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北第五大街415号. 费城., PA 19123.

激励-心脏扫描-睡眠呼吸暂停- IBX线

 22财政年度奖励计划- 200个成员/ 100美元的配偶

I. 为会员及配偶支付的f22财政年度奖金 (2021年7月1日至2022年6月30日)

a. The FY22incentive payment is available to all eligible health plan members and their spouses. The FY22 incentive payment provides $200 to a member and an additional $100 to a spouse for completing at least 2 of the following activities between July 1, 2021年和6月30日, 2022

i. 完成一个戒烟计划

ii. 至少4次向注册营养师求诊

3. 完成至少10次私人教练或其他认证的健身 专业

iv. 完成至少5公里的跑步/步行

v. 完成至少25英里的自行车马拉松

vi. 在天普大学医院做心脏扫描

7. Have a cancer screening test – (Lung Cancer Screening done through Temple University Hospital and the Local 22 Health Plan sponsored screenings are all eligible programs.)

8. Cancer screening – Including but not limited to a colonoscopy, mammogram; etc.

ix. 如果你是糖尿病患者,每年做一次眼科检查

x. 如果你是糖尿病患者,每年做一次足部检查

xi. 与监护护士就慢性疾病(糖尿病)进行咨询/接触. 高血压、哮喘等.) 

十二世. Participate and complete any of the eligible programs offered through the Philly Firefighter Motivated Fitness Program.

十三世. 参与并完成一项睡眠呼吸暂停研究. 

十四. Complete the IAFF on-line “Cancer Awareness” course – a 7 module on-line course offered on www.iaff.组织下 健康和安全计划 ——点击 新癌症的意识 and Prevention – you will earn a certificate of completion when all 7 modules are completed Forward the certificate of completion as documentation for this program.

xv. Health Plan sponsored Wondr Health Program formerly Naturally Slim Program offered  throughout the year.

十六世. COVID疫苗接种——如果有的话

第十七章. 下载 VIVEKA健康计划APP. 这个应用程序是为本地22号的健康计划定制的

A. 在7/1/2021至6/30/2022之间完成任何两个(2)列出的活动

B. 请不要犹豫 叫杰瑞·科特 直接在 or
如果你有其他问题. For FY22 we’ve tried to offer enough variety in our incentive activities that everyone can participate. 不要错过这个赚钱的机会,在这个过程中获得(或保持)健康!

C. 将您的文件发送到健康计划激励- 415北第五圣-费城,PA 19123 或者将文档通过电子邮件发送到 jkots@iaff22.org.

You are responsible to provide the documentation to the Health Plan to qualify for the incentive






The Act 111 Arbitration Award grants City of 费城 Fire Department employees – first hired on or after January 2017 the ability to earn a $800 健康 Incentive. 2017年1月以后录用的员工应具备 自受聘之日起6个月,才有资格获得激励.

该员工有资格获得800美元的激励 必须 完成1-生物测量和2-完成个人健康档案 + 19财政年度清单中的2项奖励措施-上述段落所列.  一共有4个激励.

The Personal 健康 Profile can be completed by -registering on the Blue Cross Website – www.IBXpress.com. 创建用户名和密码. 登录网站.
• Once on the home page – go to the Achieve Well-being box ——点击 “Complete my Well-being Profile”
•填写个人资料.  一旦配置文件完成,通过电子邮件向jkots@iaff22证明该配置文件已完成.org或寄到宾州费城第五大街415号.

1. 您必须通知运行状况计划活动已完成. 验证
should be a signed document from the physician/ trainer/ provider or facility providing the service.
2. 如何通知健康计划? –
•将文档发送到“健康计划”- 415n.第五圣菲拉.,PA 19123
如果您有任何问题,请致电杰里·科茨或 .







All members and dependent spouses eligible for benefits under the IAFF Local 22 Health Plan are eligible for the scan. 如果你有明显的家族冠状动脉病史,沙巴体育官网APP下载建议你做这个扫描. 请联络邓波儿 (215) 707-8800 讨论任何问题.


沙巴体育官网APP下载鼓励每个人在圣殿心脏进行扫描 & 天普大学医院血管研究所, 北宽街3509号, 4楼, Boyer馆, 费城, PA 19140. 然而, for the convenience of those living a significant distance outside the city limits we have made arrangements for scans to also be performed at an alternative site.


安排扫描, 请致电圣殿访问中心 , 星期一到星期五, 上午八时至下午六时. The service representative will confirm your eligibility for a scan and schedule your appointment at Temple University Hospital or an alternative provider facility. 两个工作日内, you will receive a call from a Temple nurse-practitioner who will verify your medical history and answer any questions you may have concerning the scan or follow up. 此后不久, you will receive a package from Temple verifying the details of your scheduled appointment in writing and providing a written order for the service. This written order, or script,” 必须 be presented to the facility on the day your scan is performed. 预约扫描的通知也将转发给您的初级保健医生.


You will need to arrive at the designated facility approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. 不需要准备,扫描不需要使用任何对比材料.



Within two weeks of your appointment you will receive a written report showing the result of your scan. 这个结果是否表明现在应该考虑采取任何预防策略, 还将提出关于这种战略的建议. 调查结果和建议的副本, 是适用的, will also be provided to your primary 护理 physician in hopes that he/she will take an active role in helping you manage your risk.

除了, the specialists at Temple 心 and 血管研究所 will be available to answer any questions… and to assist both you and your physician, 不管你的分数, a specific recommendation will be made as to when you should schedule a follow-up scan (typically between one and four years). 

心 & 血管研究所


Temple 心 and 血管研究所 (THVI) is a patient­ focused center that is designed to engage patients and their physicians in the lifetime management of heart and vascular disease. THVI facilitates an integrated approach to cardiovascular health as well as disease management by bringing together cardiologists, 心脏外科医生, 血管外科医生, 相关医生专家, mid-level providers and nurses for the convenience of the patients and their families to address their heart and vascular health. THVI is based in a brand-new facility in the Boyer馆 of Temple University Hospital – with community offices located at Jeanes Hospital and Temple Health satellite offices at Center City, 奥克斯和华盛顿堡.



Local 22’s Health Plan has partnered with Temple University Hospital to provide Sleep Apnea study for our members and dependents. 天普大学医院将为睡眠研究提供一个“家庭测试”工具包. 测试结果将和你一起在珍恩斯医院审核. Any follow up and/or equipment needs will be addressed with you by the physicians at Jeanes Hospital. 此计划对本地22名健康计划成员免费. For appointments and more information contact Karen Nowelski – the Sleep Lab Coordinator at Jeanes Hospital at 215 – 728-2148.





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联系丹·格兰罗斯-或访问网站 www.pfmfitness.com. 费城火焰动力健身 will help you complete incentives by attending 6 Boot Camps or 6 Personal Training Sessions