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The concept is the first of its kind for our profession and our union – a facility that provides a highly specialized program exclusively for our members and treats post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other behavioral health issues in a residential setting. 在高级恢复系统(ARS)的帮助下, 行为健康管理的领导者, the Center of Excellence will be staffed by a highly experienced and specialized team to treat the complex needs of fire fighters seeking recovery from PTSD and co-occurring addictions. 该中心还将用于培训和教育同伴支持成员, 对创伤后应激障碍进行额外的研究,并为消防部门制定所需的方案.


A staggering number of members deal with various mental health and stress-related conditions, 同时为同伴提供咨询服务, 健全的诊断和治疗是有限的. 沙巴体育官网APP下载的成员都患有创伤后应激障碍, 抑郁症, anxiety and substance abuse and want trusted treatment professionals who understand the culture and the unique pressures of our job. The Center of Excellence will offer evidence-based treatment for successful recovery that will help them return to the job as quickly as possible. 同样重要的是, the Center of Excellence is a safe haven for talking with other fire fighters who face or have overcome similar challenges. 现有的治疗设施没有提供这些, and the IAFF intends to fill that critical void with a premier Center of Excellence that treats the special needs of our members.


而IAFF不拥有或有任何经济利益的卓越中心, IAFF将提供指导,以确保该计划, 治疗和服务都是为沙巴体育官网APP下载的会员量身定做的. The General President has appointed an IAFF Advisory Committee comprised of trusted members and behavioral health experts who will be instrumental in the overall design and development of the Center and its program and will provide recommendations to ARS to ensure our members receive state-of-the-art services.


Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) has a network of treatment centers throughout the United States that provide high-quality and client-centric behavioral health treatment. The company’s Chairman of the Board and CEO are actively involved in developing the Center.


该中心位于华盛顿特区外的上万宝路,马里兰州. 由于它靠近巴尔的摩和华盛顿特区的机场,来自美国各地的成员.S. 加拿大可以寻求治疗.


IAFF中心是一个独一无二的治疗设施,专门为消防战士. 该中心从头开始设计,将提供全面的、最佳实践的治疗. 工作人员将是沙巴体育官网APP下载的成员所经历的创伤类型的专家, 包括创伤后应激, 这是一个关键事件的结果或者是创伤暴露的累积效应. 的宁静, wooded campus provides an opportunity for members to focus on treatment and make recovery their number-one priority. 一旦成员返回家园,农业援助中心就会为他们提供持续的支持, 不管他们住在哪里.


Treatment plans are developed to meet the needs of our members seeking recovery from addiction, 重点是创伤后应激障碍, 医护人员将由了解消防服务文化的临床医生组成. 因为沙巴体育官网APP下载的成员觉得和其他消防员聊天最舒服, there is also a commitment to include members of the IAFF peer support program in education and research at the Center. The facility sits on a 15-acre campus designed to support fire fighters as they seek treatment and recovery and includes a state-of-the-art gym and other features that encourage physical activity (pool, 篮球场, 等.) so that members can continue with their fitness regimen as a way to help with their recovery and prepare them to return to the job.




The Center will provide intensive treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring clinical conditions, 创伤后应激障碍等, 抑郁和焦虑.


The Center will offer multiple levels of treatment to meet members’ needs as they progress in their recovery, 包括:

  • 排毒(临床管理)
  • 重症住院病人(临床管理)
  • 住宿护理,包括医疗监测
  • 部分住院治疗(门诊-每天5 - 7小时现场治疗,持续6天)
  • 门诊服务,包括人数有限的小组工作(6 - 8人)
  • Twelve-step meetings are also an integral part of recovery for many individuals and will be available


本中心将采用循证的方法来处理创伤后压力, 包括认知行为疗法和暴露疗法. 该中心还将提供其他有助于恢复的活动, 包括马疗法和替代疗法.


住院时间长短取决于治疗计划和保险授权. 通常, 治疗持续四到六周, 但这或多或少取决于个体成员. Staff is committed to providing the highest level of care and will design treatment plans that meet clinical needs of the patient. 在本中心停留后继续提供护理服务.


IAFF认识到后续治疗对长期成功至关重要. Center staff will work with members and their families to ensure a successful return to home and work and will help identify a support network, develop accountability plans and provide links with peer programs so that members continue with their recovery at home.


The IAFF and ARS are committed to delivering comprehensive and effective treatment that produces positive outcomes for members. IAFF representatives are reaching out to the major insurance carriers to explain the Center’s cost-effective approach and to promote in-network coverage for this level of care.

在某些司法管辖区, current insurance plans already provide comprehensive coverage for behavioral health treatment and recovery. ARS staff members are experienced and skilled advocates who negotiate with insurance carriers on behalf of individual patients to achieve the highest level of coverage possible for appropriate care. Both the IAFF and ARS share a commitment that members should know their financial responsibility upon admission and not be burdened with large or unexpected expenses after treatment. It is an IAFF priority to work toward ensuring that all members can afford treatment at the Center. This push to increased access will include providing members with the tools to expand behavioral health coverage.


治疗是完全保密的. Treatment staff cannot discuss your treatment with ANYONE unless given explicit permission and cannot talk to your fire department or local – or even acknowledge whether someone’s been referred or evaluated. All treatment staff and records are bound by HIPAA and/or Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records law, CFR标题42:第2部分.


除了为沙巴体育官网APP下载的会员提供最高水平的待遇, 卓越中心将成为临床培训的领导者, 关于行为健康和创伤治疗的研究和教育. The goal is to have this expertise and best practices spread throughout North America so all IAFF members can receive appropriate care.


盛大开幕: 2017年2月27日.